Ex-Baker County corrections officer faces additional sex charges

A former Baker County corrections officer who was awaiting his day in court on charges of sexual misconduct with an inmate is now facing additional charges of sexual battery.

Brian Robinson, 28, was out of jail on bond when he was picked up by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office several days ago on a Baker County warrant for the new charges. As of Thursday night, he remained in the Duval County jail on $320,000 bond.

Nearly three years ago, Robinson was a corrections officer at the Baker County Detention Center when he was accused of sexual misconduct with a detainee. At the time, federal investigators chose not to file charges.

“Closer to a year later, Baker County decided to file charges after the federal investigation,” said his attorney, Nah-Deh Simmons.

State Attorney Brian Kramer reviewed the case after taking office in January and recommended additional charges be filed.

“The highest and most appropriate charges for trial were listed,” Kramer said.

Those charges listed on the warrant for Robinson’s re-arrest include sexual battery. The charges were based on statements by the complainant and DNA evidence.

Robinson’s attorney said there are concerns about how and who collected the DNA. He also said potential witnesses have come forward, claiming that Robinson’s superior officer, who resigned after Robinson was arrested, had been dating the complainant after she was released from custody.

News4Jax is not naming that officer, as that person has not been charged with a crime.

“There clearly are some issues and conflicts with having venue in Baker County going forward in this case,” Simmons said.

The state attorney would not comment on allegations of a conflict of interest involving another officer. When asked if he was open to a change of venue, Kramer responded: “It isn’t for me to decide whether or not venue be changed, and I seriously doubt the court would be remotely interested in what my opinion is on that matter.”

The Baker County Sheriff’s Office declined a request for comment.

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