Affordable Care Act reforms make health insurance cheaper for millions under President Biden

Millions of Americans, who didn’t qualify for help to pay for health insurance before the pandemic now does because of the recently signed coronavirus relief plan.

The change took effect on April 1. You can see if you qualify by going to There, you can also sign up for a plan, which isn’t typically allowed for this time of the year.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services,

The American Rescue Plan reduces the cost of healthcare coverage for millions of Americans already receiving financial assistance and increases the number of people eligible.

More than 300,000 people living in Florida will now qualify for financial assistance who didn’t before, according to Florida Blue.

If you are already eligible and have a plan, Florida Blue said you might qualify for more coverage.

The company said a large majority of people who get a subsidy will now have lower premium payments or might be able to upgrade to a better plan for the same monthly cost.

The special enrollment period runs through August 15.

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