Jacksonville couple says SUV was attacked by group on minibikes

Group tied to large motorcycle meetup

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – You might have seen them: Hundreds of motorcyclists of minibikes cruising through Jacksonville last weekend. It was supposed to be an enjoyable event for bikers, but one couple says it wasn’t all fun and games.

They say their SUV was attacked.

They shared photos of dozens of motorcyclists they said bombarded their SUV at the intersection of Atlantic Boulevard and Kings Avenue in San Marco on Saturday around 3:45 p.m.

Grant and Alexandra Taylor said they were visiting her parents when they saw the group blocking traffic.

Moments later, they were caught in a confrontation with the bikers.

“As soon as I started moving, all of the bikes started flooding toward us and immediately started surrounding our car as if they weren’t happy that I was going with the light,” Grant Taylor said. “And then they proceeded to start kicking and punching and beating our vehicle. They were using their helmets, one of them actually tried to lift his bike up and rev it into the vehicle.”

Taylor and his wife got away unhurt and didn’t record the confrontation, but their SUV has the damage to prove something happened. There are significant dents, dings and scratches throughout.

They called the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and filed a report, but no arrests were announced as of Friday evening. The couple said dispatchers told them they fielded numerous calls about the group.

JSO has not commented about the incident, though News4Jax has requested related police reports.

The Taylors said the group of motorcyclists were part of a 904 Grom Squad meetup that day. Hundreds took part in the ride around Jacksonville.

Grant Taylor said he and his wife were not aggressive with the group, nor were they trying to pick a fight.

“Not whatsoever,” he said. “They were extremely threatening. The first person that came out us literally took his foot up and started kicking our vehicle as soon as he got to us.”

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call JSO at 904-630-0500. A message was left with the 904 Grom Squad via Facebook. It was not returned Friday evening.

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