Murray Hill neighbors on edge following repeated incidents of public indecency

A neighborhood crime alert for Murray Hill, where residents there say a man has repeatedly followed people and exposed himself while performing sex acts.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A man whom neighbors in Murray Hill said has repeatedly exposed himself while performing sex acts in public has struck again, but this time a home security camera recorded him in the act.

Around 8:44 Saturday morning, a red Chevy Impala was seen on surveillance video pulling up to a Murray Hill home. Moments later, the driver was seen getting out of the car and performing a sex act. The homeowner, who asked not to be identified, said he grabbed his gun and was about to go outside and confront the man, but the guy took off.

News of what happened Saturday morning put many neighbors on edge, especially after the video was posted to social media. Neighbors told News4Jax that Saturday’s incident wasn’t the first time a man with the same red car had been seen in the area performing sex acts in public, but it was the first time they were made aware of an act being recorded on surveillance video.

Travis J. and his wife told news4Jax they were aware of previous similar incidents including an incident on Thursday, but say they came home from running errands and learned about the video which was recorded up the street from their home. They said they were now taking extra precautions.

“Our kids were wanting to go ride their bikes and here we’re telling them you can’t go right now. We’ll get together and go later as a family but as of right now, there is no more of you getting out there and riding your bike by yourself,” said Travis J.

News4Jax spoke with another parent who said he had a run-in with the same man in the same red Chevy Impala. The father said it happened Thursday morning while he was pushing his toddler in a stroller. He said he noticed the man following him for several blocks and that the car windows were down. He said when they got to a school bus stop at the corner of Coby Street and Owen Avenue, he asked the man in the Impala if he was following them. The father said the man answered his question with a lewd response. He said he got closer to the car and realized the man was fully exposed while performing a sex act in the driver’s seat. The father said he and kicked the car so hard that he left a dent in the rear passenger side door before the man took off. The father said he reported the incident to the police.

On social media, others who live in Murray Hill have posted similar run-ins with a man in a red Chevy Impala

“There’s a lot of angry individuals in the neighborhood with this and it’s not sitting easy with anyone. That’s for sure. Nobody’s comfortable with it,” said Travis J.

Anyone with information about the man or his car which has Florida plates and a large dent in the rear passenger door is urged to contact police.

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