Another section separated from Golden Ray wreck

Another section of the Golden Ray has been separated from the rest of the wreck. News4Jax Reporter Brittany Muller has been following the developments of the removal operations since the start and has the latest update for us.

Another section of the Golden Ray has been separated from the rest of the wreck, according to the St. Simons Sound Incident Response.

Responders are now getting ready for a massive crane to lift that section onto a barge.

Rope access technicians used a cutting torch to remove steel off the Golden Ray. This helped make it easier for an anchor chain to separate section seven from the rest of the shipwreck.

Now that responders have finished this cut, it’s ready to be lifted onto a barge using the Versabar 10,000. It will first make a stop at Mayors Point Terminal for sea-fastening before heading to a recycling plant in Louisiana.

There are still three more cuts that need to happen.

So far, 67 cars and nine decks have been removed from inside the environmental protection barrier. Crews continue to monitor for oil sheens and debris around the wreck site, as well as inside and outside the barrier.

Responders said they are collecting data from fixed monitors and hydrographic surveys which confirm the wreck is stable. Responders also said oil has been seen and removed from Jekyll Island. A bumper was found along the marsh along the Frederica River.

News4Jax will be taking a boat ride with the St. Simons Sound Incident Unified Command on Monday morning to the wreck site to get a closer look at the removal operations.

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