Jacksonville sisters go viral on TikTok over adorable, spirited pep talk

The 25-year-old was down in the dumps after losing her dream job

A nine-year-old girl didn’t like that her 25-year-old sister was feeling down in the dumps, so she gave her a very spirited pep talk. (The Kelly Clarkson Show)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Here’s some sisterly love for you. 

Two Jacksonville sisters went viral on TikTok after posting an adorable video online. The video captured the attention of Kelly Clarkson, who then played the video on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Wednesday.

25-year-old Danielle Dziwulski was devastated after losing her dream job and moving home during the pandemic, but her 9-year-old sister Jess was not ready to let her give up on her goals.

In a viral video, Jess gives Danielle the pep talk of a lifetime to get her back on her feet, and it’s pretty amazing.

Turns out Jess’s words of encouragement also helped Danielle get a brand new gig!

Pilot Pens love their story and award the sisters $1,000.

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