Local start-up spotlights Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month through representation

Orbit Local Co-Founder Kesar Long joins us live this morning to discuss the importance of celebrating culture and heritage.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and we have many of these members throughout our local communities.

One local business owner has put representation and diversity as a major pillar of his business model through his new start-up, Orbit Local.

“We were fortunate enough to thrive during the pandemic. There was a need,” said Kesar Lon.

Kesar Long is the co-founder of Orbit Local, an internet marketing agency here in Jacksonville that serves businesses across the world.

“A lot of these business owners needed an online presence because you know people are turning to the internet and searching for their products and services. And it wasn’t something they had set up,” said Long.

This start-up launched in December 2020 with 2 founders.

In the past five months, they’ve added 10 employees and have serviced nearly 20 businesses across the world.

Long says it is important to showcase Asian American-owned business like his - not only in May but throughout the year.

“Be proud of your culture, your heritage,” said Long. “It’s important for Asian Americans to have a spotlight to remind folks we are just exactly like you.”

Long says representation is important to creating better understanding.

“Having a seat at the table, right. It’s being included in the conversation,” said Long.

A conversation that’s more important than ever to have now, after a rise in hate crimes against AAPI members throughout the last year.

“They were being told to go back to their country. You know when they’re in the elevator people just skip them right? And we notice that you know,” said Long.

He says empathy can go a long way.

“We’re here to make this country better. Contribute to society and you know to continue to help each other,” said Long.

Increasing representation through new businesses and important conversations throughout May and beyond.

You can find more information about Orbit Local, here.