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Family of Jacksonville firefighters carries on 100 years of tradition

Local young man carries on family tradition as first responder
Local young man carries on family tradition as first responder

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Fathers and sons share a special bond from one generation to the next carrying on traditions and the family name.

One local family, the Aldermans, has over 100 years of family tradition as first responders.

The Aldermans recently watched their son take a big step in life.

Daniel Alderman’s wish for a dream job with Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department recently came true.

“Whenever I was with my dad at the station I would always get on whatever apparatus,” Daniel Alderman said.

His father worked for JFRD too, as a firefighter, climbing the ranks to captain and division chief before retiring.

For months, JFRD Chief Keith Powers knew about the wish for Daniel to join the ranks, and through a city program, he was able to make it happen. Powers called Daniel to share the good news.

“I was jumping up and down and I was so thrilled that chief called me and told me that I had actually gotten on to the fire department,” Daniel Alderman said.

It was a special day for the Alderman family as Daniel is the fourth generation in his family to work for JFRD.

“It feels like I am living up to a legacy,” he said.

Images of his grandfather and great grandfather remain as reminders and maybe even hints at his future.

Daniel Alderman is the youngest of two boys, outspoken and always optimistic, living with autism. He has never let anything stop him from reaching his goals.

“He’s just positive energy, smiling all the time, very forward. He is not afraid to ask anybody a question. And he is intrigued by so many things that it is really fascinating to get a glimpse at how his mind works,” said father Ken Alderman.

JFRD said it has several families that have maintained a legacy with the department.

Daniel’s father said spending time with his two sons to support and encourage them is the point of living life.

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