Florida State University prepares for thousands to return to campus

Florida State University (Capitol News Service)

TALLAHASSEE – There are going to be more students coming to Florida State University for the first time than ever in the school’s history.

FSU is expecting up to 7,000 new freshmen this fall and an additional 7,000 returning sophomores who weren’t on campus last year because of the pandemic.

“There’s adrenaline for everybody to get back together, and with that adrenaline, anything can happen,” said Nastassia Janvier, FSU student body president.

At a forum, graduate students, university and community leaders outlined what a full return to campus will be like. Masks will be recommended in doors.

All 6,700 dorm slots will be full. Students must be cleared to move in, either by proving they have been vaccinated or by getting tested.

“Anyone who is positive for COVID has to isolate off campus,” said Shannon Staten, executive director of university housing.

Students are going to be encouraged to social distance in the outdoors and have as much outdoor activity as possible.

Bar owners in a nearby college town are predicting a big year.

“Could be one of our largest quarters three and four to date,” said Jason Burroughs, owner of Township Tallahassee.

Student Government is launching a program it is calling “Angel Drink”

“For example, you would say starfruit, and you would order starfruit, and this would specifically signal for the servers, I need help, I need assistance,” said Janvier.

Major Justin Maloy, deputy chief of FSU’s police department, said officers’ focus won’t be on underage drinking.

“We’re focused on the bigger picture of crime in our community,” said Maloy.

The big picture includes being aware in new surroundings, keeping heads out of phones while crossing the street and protecting personal property.

Tallahassee and surrounding Leon County rank sixth in the state in per-capita crime in crime figures for 2020. First-time arriving college students are often unsuspecting targets.

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