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Witness reports gunfire at Lake City apartment complex

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Around 12:41 a.m. on Tuesday, Lake City Police Department responded to a call about a reported of gunfire at Cedar Park Apartment complex. A resident called police after witnessing several gunshots fired from a silver Chevy Cruz with four black males believed to be inside.

Initially, the caller told police he thought the noise he heard was coming from fireworks until he saw a muzzle flash come from the driver’s side window of the car. He told police the gun was pointed towards the apartment building. Lake City police have confirmed that there were no injuries nor property damage. However police did discover several gun casings ranging from 40mm to 9mm.

The chief of Lake City Police Department, Dr. Argatha Gilmore, urges community members with any information to come forward.

“Incidents such as this will continue to happen as long as there are no witnesses or citizens reporting information. As community members, we must hold individuals accountable in order to protect our neighborhoods,” said Gilmore.

If you have any information about this incident, contact investigations at 386-752-4343.