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Couple has recorded 5 crashes at same San Marco intersection

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A rollover crash caught on camera over the weekend is one of several that have been seen at a traffic merge location in San Marco.

The couple whose surveillance camera captured the crash says crashes at the location on San Marco Boulevard at southbound Hendricks Avenue are happening frequently.

The family has recorded five crashes at the intersection.

The most recent crash was over the weekend, when a witness said a driver was trying to make a U-turn. Samantha Livingston heard the collision from her home.

“It was the sound of the rolling vehicle,” Livingston said.

Photo from surveillance camera.

Both drivers survived the crash. Livingston and her Husband, Jon, both say the crashes are happening too often.

“Probably an accident every two to three weeks on average,” Jon Livingston said.

The couple believes part of the problem is sign and signal light visibility. The couple says drivers don’t see the lights or signs until they’re almost out of the curve, and trees limbs appear to block the traffic signal for the merge lane.

“They need to move the light to where cars are stopping a lot earlier,” Jon Livingston said.

The couple also said drivers are making U-turns where they shouldn’t be.

“There needs to be a barrier so that U-turns are not allowed,” Samantha Livingston said. “Poles in the pavement makes the most sense.”

A new grocery store, apartment complex and parking garage will be built in this vicinity, which could mean more foot traffic in the area.

“It’s just a matter of time before someone is seriously injured and we’re just worried about this happening over and over again,” Jon Livingston said.

News4Jax has requested a comment from the city and City Councilwoman Leanna Cumber. A request for response had not been returned by Thursday evening.

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