74 cats removed from filthy Mandarin home

Rescued cats are ‘are settling into their new environment’, ACPS says

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Animal Care & Protective Services (ACPS) rescued and removed 74 cats from a home in Mandarin on Wednesday.

ACPS arrived at the home after friends of the homeowner reported there were more than 50 cats in the home with feces, urine and vomit throughout the home.

Outside the home, the service observed an overwhelming odor of ammonia emanating from the door and window.

The homeowner told ACPS he was in need of help and allowed them inside. While inside the home one dead cat was found.

ACPS also noted piles of feces, odor that caused “severe irritation to the eyes and nasal cavities,” and cats who needed immediate medical attention.

“I observed several piles of feces, feces caked onto the beds and floors, and urine/spraying on the walls near the floor,” the release said.

ACPS captured 74 cats in total.

Rescued cats are ‘are settling into their new environment’, ACPS says.

When asked why the homeowner had some many cats he stated that they just show up at his door and they needed a home.

The home has since been condemned by Code Enforcement.

At this time, the homeowner is not facing any charges. The homeowner asked for assistance finding a mental health professional.

On Thursday, ACPS told News4Jax that the cats are settling into their new environment.

“They have all received a medical exam, vaccinations, dewormer, and flea medication as part of our standard intake protocol,” ACPS said. “Additional medical care is being provided as needed in preparation for adoption. 64 of the cats will remain at ACPS. 10 are being transported to The Jacksonville Humane Society today.”

ACPS said its greatest need right now is adopters and fosters for both cats and dogs currently available for adoption.

If you would like to donate, adopt, foster, or volunteer with ACPS, click here.

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