Clay County school police warn students not to participate in new TikTok challenge

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – Clay County District Schools Police Department is warning students not to participate in a new social media challenge.

The trend called “devious licks” is circulating on the video-sharing app TikTok. While Clay County school district police said they have not seen this, other districts have.

“This is a challenge where students are stealing school property, clogging toilets, painting and vandalizing student bathrooms. Other school districts experienced this first hand. Also, districts have become aware of the newest challenge, students are now attempting to steal credit cards and other items from teachers and posting what they have done on the social media platform, TikTok,” school district police said in a Facebook post on Thursday.

Officers said “these acts can result in school discipline and subject students to criminal justice procedures.” They asked parents to talk with their children about social media challenges and the consequences of taking part in them.

TikTok has also announced it’s removing hashtags, blocking content and redirecting searches for “devious licks”