Details surrounding the killing of Ahmaud Arbery revealed in court

Jurors saw hours of evidence in the first full week of arguments in the murder trial for Ahmaud Arbery’s death. Three men: Greg McMichael, Travis McMichael and William Bryan are facing murder and other charges in the case

The defense said the three men feared for their lives while the state said the men murdered Arbery.

There’s lots of evidence for both sides to comb through during the trial for the three men accused of murdering Arbery.

The state so far has called the first responding officers, neighbors in Satilla Shores, 911 dispatchers, and GBI investigators.

We don’t know how many more witnesses the state will call, but the defense hopes they can start calling theirs this week.

Attorney Jason Sheffield says they have a list of 60 witnesses and plan to call about half of them.

The defense hopes to start calling their witnesses this week. Depending on timing, this could go on past Thanksgiving, according to sources.

Ricky Minshew, the first officer to respond to the shooting, said he did not give Arbery CPR, even though he knew Arbery was dying.

“Being that I was the only officer on scene to have any other units to watch my back, I could not assist to medical,” said Minshew.

Body camera video shows McMichael interrupting officers and detectives while they are investigating the shooting - no one stopped him.

An officer named Jeff Brandenberry testified that he didn’t have an answer to why McMichael was not told to back off.

A neighbor, Matthew Albenze, saw Arbery looking at the house under construction the day of the shooting. Albenze grabbed his phone and gun. Arbery ran from the house, but Albenze doesn’t know why. Albenze stood behind a tree and called police – thinking Arbery saw him.

“Maybe if he hadn’t seen me he wouldn’t of run away. He had a lot to drink after this,” said Albenze.

African American religious leaders were criticized for being in the courtroom to support Abery’s family. Defense Attorney Kevin Gough said he thought this was an unconscious or conscious attempt to intimidate jurors.

“No more black pastors in the courtroom,” said Gough.

He apologized Friday but plans to file a more specific motion Monday.

Gough defended William Bryan’s actions, saying he was scared and didn’t remember what happened on that deadly night. Bryan told Officer Rickey Minshew he cut off and blocked Arbery but told GBI Special agents he never tried to force or block Arbery off the road.

″His statements to GCP were more direct, his statements to me minimized in Arbery’s death,” said GBI Special Agent Jason Seacrist.

This week we’re told hundreds of black pastors are planning to be in Brunswick to support Arbery’s family.

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