New rule allows Jaguars to interview head coach candidates starting next week

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost again on Sunday but this time not under Urban Meyer.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Jaguars lost again on Sunday but this time not under Urban Meyer.

Following last week’s firing of Meyer, the team lost 30-16 under new interim coach Darrell Bevell.

The loss came after News4JAX learned this weekend the team does not plan to pay the remaining portion of Meyer’s contract which was worth millions of dollars.

Now fans are left to wonder what’s ahead for the team.

On the coaching front, there was an interesting aspect of the timing of Meyer’s firing. It involves a new rule the NFL has instituted this season that allows for teams to start interviewing prospective coaches even if the season is still going on.

Starting next Tuesday after Week 15, Shad Khan can start interviewing coaching candidates virtually, according to News4JAX sports reporter Jamal St. Cyr.

Another thing that’s on the minds of fans is the NFL Draft.

Right now the Jaguars own the first overall pick in the draft with their record of 2-12.

St. Cyr said there are a few options for the team. It could either take the first pick in the draft — or second or third if they win a game or two — or it could trade down to get multiple first or second-round draft picks.

Last year the team used the first overall to draft quarterback Trevor Lawrence. St. Cyr said it’s possible they made trade down because there are so many positions the team needs to fill and the draft isn’t as loaded with talent as it was last year.

“You can collect a bunch of draft picks in the process. Teams like the Cleveland Browns have done that to rebuild their team. If you trade down from one of those top picks, you get a large draft package in exchange,” he said.

Fans are clamoring for improvement.

“It is hard to watch. It is hurtful. But I’m not giving up,” said Jaguars fan Stacy Woolbright-Johnson.

Urban Meyer spoke publicly for the first time to following his firing by owner Shad Khan early Thursday after weeks of Meyer’s mounting public blunders and even more missteps behind the scenes.

Meyer told reporter Ian Rapoport he was disappointed in how his Jacksonville tenure unfolded and apologized to the city.

“I just apologize to Jacksonville,” Meyer said Friday. “I love Jacksonville. It’s one of the reasons I took the job. I still think Shad’s a great owner. It’s heart-breaking. I just had a dream of it becoming a destination place with a new facility he agreed to build and some day to walk into that stadium where it’s standing room only. Because I know how bad the people of Jacksonville want it. So, I’m just heartbroken that we weren’t able to do that. I still believe it’s going to be done. It’s too good of a place.”

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