14-year-old killed in I-95 crash, her brother pulled from car by good Samaritan, mother says

New information about a deadly crash on I-95 Monday night. We hear from the mother of the teenage victims.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Kenyatta Williams says her son and daughter were in the midst of delivering homemade chocolate covered strawberries when they were both involved in a crash Monday night on I-95.

Williams said her daughter, 14-year-old Kmiya Norris died in the crash. Williams’ son, 17-year-old Kiyon Newton was pulled out of their car by a good Samaritan and rushed to a hospital with critical injuries.

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Kiyon Newton (pictured left) (News4JAX.com)

Norris loved to dance, and she loved to make chocolate covered strawberries.

“And she sells them online. And she was doing her deliveries at the time of the accident,” Williams explained.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the siblings were traveling south on I-95 when, for some reason, their car stopped just south of Golfair Boulevard. FHP says an SUV ran into the back of their car, causing the car to catch fire.

Williams says she spoke with her son right before the crash.

“My son called and said he hit a pothole or something in the road, and the car was now driving funny and it would not go anymore,” Williams said. “He was stopped in the right lane and he couldn’t move the car off the road, so I made sure he had the flashers on, and I told him my other son and old man were on the way. And we hung up.”

Moments later, their car was struck.

A good Samaritan, who asked not to be identified, pulled off to the side of the road and ran toward the fiery vehicle, where he saw the 17-year old driver.

“The kid was yelling, help! Get him out. So, I helped get him out.,” the man said.

The good Samaritan was burned in the process, but he said he will be alright. He said he met Norris and Newton’s parents at the hospital.

“All I could say is, ‘I’m sorry for your loss,’” the man said. “I wish I could have done more.”

Williams said her son, who was also burned in the crash, was taken off a ventilator Tuesday. He was said to be in critical, but stable condition.

The mother has created a GoFundMe to raise funds.

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