College fair welcomes hundreds of future potential students

100 Black Men of Jacksonville, Infinite Scholars program host college fair

Going to college is a big deal for teens and their families but to get there students have to start researching months in advance.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Going to college is a big deal for teens and their families, but to get there, students have to start researching months in advance.

100 Black Men of Jacksonville and Infinite Scholars program hosted a college fair that welcomed hundreds of future college students.

Madison McCoy will be a senior in the fall, and she was at the fair to get as many college offers as possible.

“I’m here to get scholarships and get as many offers as I can to attend college,” McCoy said.

Her dream is to study business administration to become an entrepreneur.

For students who don’t plan on going to traditional college, they might want to join the military.

“It allows you the opportunity to chip away at college while you are there, specifically if you’re active duty, you will be in the military full-time and college part-time,” one person said.

College recruiter Cassie Trawick said most students don’t realize there are lots of scholarships up for grabs, but you can’t wait until the last minute.

“It helps them to see that there are different college not just in Florida, but outside of Florida as well,” Trawick said. “Education is so important, so I would say take advantage of it. There’s so much free money.”

The college fair was organized by 100 Black Men of Jacksonville. The group hopes this fair will lead to more students going to college.

“We try to set up an environment where we have students coming in from south Georgia, Jacksonville, and come and be introduced to colleges they may not heard of before,” said Amani King, president of 100 Black Men of Jacksonville.

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