Leaders trying to bring back recycling services

Clay County has had its recycle pickup service suspended since August due to a lack of workers. Now, county commissioners are researching ways to bring back recycling while still not having enough works.

Recycling remains an issue for Clay County after its service was suspended in August. Residents have to visit certain sites around town to get rid of their recyclables. Clay County Commissioners and waste management discussed ways to go around not having enough trash and recycling collectors last week.

“Since august, WM has hired 13 and lost 16. We continue to see very low workers apply in Clay County due to the nature of the work,” said Greg Huntington from Waste Management.

Huntington said one of the reasons for the suspension was to catch up with trash and yard waste collecting.

“We still to this day remain up to date with yard waste and trash, so there’s a silver lining to the decision the board made,” said Hunington.

Huntington went over some alternative options with the county officials. One option is using automated side loaders. This would require residents to use certain types of trash bins.

We posted on our News4Clay Facebook page asking you at home what you think about that idea and majority said they’d agree to it. Some say it would cost tax payers too much money.

Another option listed would be to alternate pick up for recyclables and yard waste - every other week. And another option would be to keep with the drop off locations as waste management continues to hire more collectors.

Orange Park resident Barbara Roth said she’s been doing everything she can to still recycle.

“I’ve always been a recycler. when they stopped collection I started taking my recycling down to the transfer center,” said Roth.