‘Future is here’: JEA hosts event to get drivers buzzing about electric vehicles

As the pain at the pump continues to climb for drivers, many are showing interest in electric cars.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Currently, the average cost for a gallon of regular gas nationwide is $4.07. The average in Florida is $4.11.

As the pain at the pump continues to climb for drivers, many are showing interest in electric cars.

JEA held an event Saturday at TIAA Bank Field for those considering making the switch.

Local dealerships offered test drives of their newest electric vehicles, including the Hyundai IONIQ 5, BMWiX, BMWi4, Volkswagen ID.4, Ford 1 Mach-E, Ford 1 E-Transit and the electric three-wheeler Arcimoto “Fun Utility Vehicle.” More than 100 vehicles were on hand.

Lakeshore Bikes also had e-bikes available for test rides.

Current electric car owners were also on hand to answer questions for the curious -- like us.

Electric car owner Eric Boyd said he’s definitely seeing a difference cost-wise -- especially right now.

“It’s certainly fun to see all of my friends complaining about how much they’re putting in their tank for the week when I’m going home and charging my car,” Boyd said.

Last month, News4JAX spoke with a few sales managers at nearby dealerships and they say they are noticing the demand for electric or hybrid cars.

Some of them even say the demand is so high, they’re having a tough time keeping those kinds of cars on their lots.

Sales managers say they are also having some trouble keeping up with the demand because of a semiconductor shortage.

JEA held the event to talk about the benefits of electric vehicles, saying they are the way of the future.

“The environmental benefits are huge. There are no emissions from an electric vehicle,” said Dave McKee with JEA. “The future is here today.”

One electric car owner did admit that finding charging stations can be tricky so doing a long road trip in these cars wouldn’t be the best idea.

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