Fans weigh in on Jaguars’ 2022 1st-round draft picks

Jacksonville selects Georgia’s Travon Walker No. 1, Utah’s Devin Lloyd No. 27

For some fans, they feel the No. 1 overall pick, Georgia edge rusher Travon Walker, has some impressing to do.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jaguars fans weighed in on the team’s 2022 first-round draft picks a day after the selections.

For some fans, they feel the No. 1 overall pick, Georgia edge rusher Travon Walker, has some impressing to do.

“I wish we would have got the guy that went to Detroit, that’s who I was pulling for,” said Katy Vega, referring to Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson, who was drafted second overall.

“I thought it was a bit of a reach, the first pick. He hasn’t really done much on the field at his time in Georgia, so little disappointed in that one,” said James Young. “The second pick I thought was really good.”

The Jaguars traded back into the first round Thursday night to take Utah linebacker Devin Lloyd with the 27th pick.

“I’m just hopeful my season won’t be stressful like last year,” said Jaguars fan Devin Clark. “I want to win. I’m tired of losing.”

Despite fan speculation, Walker addressed expectations Friday afternoon during his first news conference with the Jaguars.

“I just have to say, for me, it’s not about living up to expectations. I maximize the opportunity I have and do the best at it and not worry about what everyone else has to say,” he said.

Scott Adeeb, at Strings Sports Brewery, said that despite the Jaguars’ history, they’re expecting good crowds this year.

“We’ve been packed every season. Even despite the last couple of years, the losing record, we have still been extremely busy, and I’m expecting another busy season,” said Adeeb.

Vega said the Jaguars have some work to do before she shows up to a game.

“We were season ticket holders and decided not to this coming year,” Vega said. “We didn’t go to the games, and my husband said we can watch them lose from home.”

Other fans said the Jaguars are still worth a trip to The Bank.

“I’m really excited. I doubled my season tickets to two. I had one last year, and now I have two, and I’m looking forward to it,” Young said. “I think they’re going to win at least twice as many games.”

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