🔒 Where to feast on National French Fries Day 🍟

French fries. (WKMG)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Bonjour, News4JAX Insiders!

Wednesday is National French Fries Day and to help you feast in the finest way possible, the News4JAX team is sharing their favorite place to grab a plate of the hot, salty treats. Let us know where your favorite fries are by sending us an email at Insider@wjxt.com or sharing in the comments below.

🍟 Tom Wills: Gina and I love Wendy’s fries

🍟 Melanie Lawson: Publix potato wedges! Lol, feel like an old lady but you can actually taste the potato and I like the texture.

🍟 Richard Nunn: I usually get fresh or steamed veggies...but every once in a while I will swap for Sweet Potato fries if they are available.

🍟 Tarik Minor: McDonald’s.

🍟 Danielle Uliano: Poe’s Tavern - simply delicious! #yum

🍟 Jamal St. Cyr: McDonald’s fries and Steak and Shake fries are a tie for me. They both disappear very quickly when I have them in front of me.

🍟 Ashley Harding: Chick-fil-A! 😋🍟😋🍟

🍟 Corley Peel: Restoration Hardware truffle fries for when I’m feeling bougie. The black truffles and Parmesan cheese taste like heaven. But I can’t ever go wrong with curly fries from Arby’s. I could eat those crispy, crunchy, greasy fries all day.

🍟 Bruce Hamilton: Now I’m usually content with fast food fries. Nice and hot and crispy from the Golden Arches but you can’t beat the Truffle Parmesan fries from M Shack. A little decadent. Okay, a lot decadent. Fries cooked in white truffle oil then tossed in Parmesan and finished with Parmesan aioli. Ohhh, baby. Like Frank Sinatra sang, “Fry Me to the Moon!”

🍟 Cole Pepper: Goal Post sandwich shop has my favorites. A greasy bag right out of the fryer always hits the spot.

🍟 Kent Justice: Chick-fil-A Waffle Potato Fries…a little sea salt already included…my faves, as long as they’re hot.

🍟 Justin Barney: BurgerFi’s Urban style french fries. Garlic aioli and some other toppings that come on there are amazing.

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