Naval Station Mayport discovers sea turtle hatching, gives tips to keep them safe

Sea turtle nesting season is Mar. 1 - Oct. 31, according to FWC

Baby sea turtle (Padre Island National Seashore)

MAYPORT, Fla. – The Naval Station Mayport reports that Sea Turtle Patrol volunteers discovered nest 52 at NAVSTA Mayport Friday morning.

The volunteers also began to witness the nests hatching.

According to a Facebook post, sea turtles hatch late at night to avoid predation and navigate to the ocean by orienting to the light of the stars and moon reflecting off the ocean.

It is typical for sea turtles to hatch at times when people aren’t on the beach, but in the case that you see a nest hatching, the naval station recommends keeping a respectful distance away and do not take photos using flash photography or shine lights on the beach.

They also advise to never pick up or touch sea turtles, especially hatchlings.

For more information on sea turtle safety, click here to learn more tips.

If you are concerned about a nest hatching, find a sea turtle or hatchling on the beach, or are interested in the Sea Turtle Volunteer Program at NS Mayport, contact the Natural Resources Manager at 904-270-3188. If you see a sea turtle nesting or injured outside of the base, call FWC Wildlife Alert 888-404-3922.

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