Jacksonville man accused of animal cruelty after investigators receive videos, photos: warrant

Samuel Roberts (Jacksonville Sheriff's Office)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.Disclaimer: Some may find the details included in this story to be graphic in nature. Discretion is advised.

An 18-year-old Jacksonville man faces a felony charge of aggravated animal cruelty after, authorities said, they were given videos and photos depicting the abuse of a puppy.

According to an arrest report, Samuel Roberts denied abusing any animals when questioned by police. But he was arrested on a warrant based on the footage and photographs used as evidence in the case, the arrest warrant shows.

According to the arrest warrant, an animal control officer was notified about the suspected abuse of a 6-week-old pit bull-type puppy inside an apartment at a complex on Touchton Road. The complaint came from a woman who was sharing the apartment with Roberts, the warrant shows.

The woman stated Roberts was abusive to her and her puppy and that she secretly recorded cellphone videos when Roberts got mad, according to the arrest warrant.

The investigator noted in the arrest warrant that in the video, Roberts slammed the puppy to the floor numerous times as the dog vomited and bled out its mouth. The woman told the investigator that she tried to pick up the puppy but was pushed out of the way before Roberts threw the puppy into a cage and around the house, the warrant shows. She told the investigator that this went on for 10 minutes as the puppy cried and screamed, the warrant said. She also said that she packed up her bags and left and that Roberts would not allow her to take her dog, according to the warrant.

According to the investigator, the woman submitted videos, as well as a picture showing a red, fawn and white pit bull-type dog wearing a vest/harness. The dog had had significant bruising along the neck and jawline that, according to the investigator, was consistent with blunt force trauma. The investigator noted in the report that the first video showed several areas of a wall inside the apartment with streaks of what appeared to be blood.

The warrant states a second video had an obstructed view due to the cellphone camera being concealed, but the audio from the recording gave the investigator a much better idea of what was happening. The investigator noted in the warrant that she could hear a loud shriek from an animal and then jostling as the woman ran over to help the dog. The report states a female’s voice could be heard yelling and a male’s voice saying, “P---- in the house,” and “F---- dog.”

The investigator received an email from the woman stating that she did not want another puppy to be killed and that Roberts went out and got another dog.

When Jacksonville police showed up at the apartment with the arrest warrant, Roberts denied any wrongdoing and told officers his version of what happened before he was arrested.

According to the arrest report, Roberts said he kicked the woman out of the apartment and then said he had gotten a German shepherd puppy with her before giving the dog to a cousin. But according to the arresting officer, he did know the name of the cousin he gave the dog. He said the dog was in good health and not killed, according to the report. When asked about the puppy pit bull in the videos and pictures, according to the report, he told officers that the dog injured itself inside the cage. When asked about the blood on the walls in the bedroom and bathroom, according to the report, Roberts told the officer that it was not blood but shoe paint from when he and his friends got drunk. When asked about the audio from the second video clip, according to the report, Roberts told the officer that he was mad and was hitting things inside the apartment but not the puppy. He said the sound of the puppy crying was the result of it being scared and in pain from a leg problem, the report shows.

The arrest report states that Roberts told the officer that the puppy pit bull and the German Shephard were both under veterinarian care but could not identify the vet by name.

On July 14, Roberts was then taken to the Duval County jail, where he posted a $2,500 bond to get out the following day, according to online jail records. He is scheduled to be arraigned in Duval County court on Aug. 4, court records show.

The State Attorney’s Office told News4JAX on Friday that the puppy did not die and no other dogs were in the residence.

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