Jaguars say team committed to safety, investigation ongoing following brawl in stands

News4JAX was unable to confirm any arrests stemming from the fight

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Jaguars are now commenting on the all-out brawl that happened in the stands of TIAA Bank Field during Saturday night’s preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The fight was recorded by at least one fan with a cell phone and has since gone viral.

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Fans have reached out to News4JAX concerned about the safety of their families after the fight.

At this point, News4JAX hasn’t learned of any criminal charges filed for those involved, but an investigation is underway, according to the team.

Punches were thrown in the stands of TIAA Bank Field with only nine minutes left in the game against the Steelers.

The man seen in the video throwing the first punch admitted on social media that he resorted to violence, but claimed it happened after he was called a racial slur.

The fight lasted roughly two minutes and spilled over onto the stadium stairs where both parties continued to exchange blows. It wasn’t until stadium S.A.F.E. employees and three Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office officers arrive that the situation appears to be under control.

“The fight happened in the section right above ours. Security was not very quick with their response,” News4JAX viewer Jennifer Hartley wrote.

“I’ve been to several Jags/Steelers games in the past. This one was the worst,” viewer Frederick wrote.

Fans, especially those with families are expressing their concern about their safety during home games at TIAA Bank Field. Fan and local attorney John Phillips is demanding accountability.

”The Jaguars have an obligation to maintain a safe environment. And this thing escalated over a series of minutes, that it does raise a concern as to whether that would be a negligent security issue if somebody you know if somebody was injured and sued,” Phillips said.

News4JAX has confirmed with authorities that none of the people involved in the fight were taken into custody immediately after the incident.

The Jaguars issued this statement to News4JAX:

”The ongoing investigation of an incident at Saturday’s preseason game, which is being conducted by ASM Global, in coordination with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, has the complete support of the Jaguars organization. The Jaguars and our stadium partners remain firmly committed to creating a safe and enjoyable experience for all that visit TIAA Bank Field.”

ASM Global which oversees the S.A.F.E. employees seen in the video also issued a response saying, ”The safety of all guests, players and staff remains the top priority for all stadium events. ASM Global is working closely with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office to identify any/all bad actors involved in the incident.”

Phillips said the melee’ warrants a full investigation.

”So whenever you have a brawl like this, the Jaguars need to go back and find the tapes and determine whether those people need to have ticket privileges. Tickets are a privilege, even if you’re a season ticket holder, they can be, you know, revoked,” he said.

The man who threw the first punch who identified himself as Wally Wood on social media said JSO “dragged the other guys out of the stadium and they are banned for life.”

News4JaX has been unable to confirm that any disciplinary has been taken.

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