JEA suspending disconnections in preparation of Ian


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – JEA is monitoring the path of Hurricane Ian, ensuring the utility’s readiness ahead of the storm.

According to a news release from the utility, JEA’s emergency operation center will operator at partial activation status, meaning it will perform around-the-clock storm monitoring and provide updates to customers as necessary.

“Regardless of the impact, all 2,000+ JEA team members are ready to mobilize and restore power and water as soon as possible for our customers, as we prepare year-round for all types of severe weather,” CEO Jay Stowe said in a prepared statement.

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Starting Tuesday, JEA will temporarily suspend customer disconnections for non-payment, the utility said.

JEA said it has worked throughout the year to prepare for severe weather in a number of ways, including:

  • Storm hardening: JEA has made significant investments to harden our electric, water and sewer systems to make them more resistant to storm-related disruptions. These critical repairs and improvements help us restore power and return to normal operations more quickly after a major storm
  • Year-round tree trimming: While strong winds and heavy rains cause their share of storm damage, most storm-related power outages result from tree branches falling on power lines.
  • Water & sewer upgrades: The utility has made significant investments in upgrading our water and sewer facilities, and has installed backup generators to reduce the risk of storm-related service interruptions.