St. Augustine officials ask residents to limit water use to speed recovery of sewer system

(Ferre' Dollar/CNN)

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – The City of St. Augustine is asking residents to limit their water usage as of Friday afternoon in an effort to relieve stress on the sewer system.

Officials said residents should use and discharge as little water as possible to reduce the amount of wastewater from showers, toilets, washing machines and kitchen sinks.

Residents are urged to limit shower time, delay washing clothes or only wash essential items, do not run water while brushing teeth, shaving or rinsing dishes and minimize the number of toilet flushes.

Officials said residents should remember that having water service does not mean sewer service is functioning normally. Toilets may flush sluggishly or there may be no visible signs at all until there is a backup.

Until power is restored to all pump stations, wastewater will not be pumped causing the collection system to fill beyond capacity and wastewater may back up into buildings, according to city officials.

City crews are working to bypass pumps and generators to restore all pump stations to full service.

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