Jacksonville security company urges residents to make safety a priority as midterm elections approach

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A local security company is urging residents to take their safety seriously, especially on the brink of Tuesday’s midterm election.

Hyperion Services is a private firm run by veterans who work to keep communities safe both domestically and internationally. The company also focuses on high-risk security, rescue hostage operations and even what happens on social media.

The company said between the economy and the social-political temperature in the U.S., some people will try to take advantage of the current climate.

The security company is currently working on an operation in Jacksonville to reduce crime.

Susan Cho explained to News4JAX some of the details of the Jacksonville operation.

“I can tell you that it has to do with general security. The things that we’re combating are things that everyday people are encountering: the crime that comes from gangs,” Cho said. “It will impact everybody because it should make your everyday situation a bit more safe.”

Cho said the operation is about a year-long mission to minimize crime levels.

Cho said since 2020, political and social landscapes changed and the number of security resources reduced significantly, so Hyperion Services is urging people to consider that during the general election.

“We’re in an economy that is globally suffering. There’s a lot of social. There’s a lot of political unrest, not just in our country, but in just about every country in the world right now. And that’s just the surface. There’s a lot of other wars going on, so there’s a lot of depression. So, security is more than important,” Cho said.

Visit Hyperionservices.co to learn more about the resources the company provides.

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