Appeals court denies motion to stay judge’s order that struck down redrawn district map

Jacksonville City Hall (News4Jax)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – After the Jacksonville City Council last Friday made a decision on a redrawn district map, the city filed a motion with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to stay Judge Marcia Morales Howard’s order striking down the very first version.

The appeals court quickly denied that motion, in effect telling the city that Howard’s ruling was correct, and that the first district lines were drawn in such a way “that race was substantially likely a predominant factor in the redistricting process.” The 11th Circuit Court also told the city that the plaintiffs would win if the case went to trial.

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The NAACP and other plaintiffs said after Friday’s vote that they were likely to object to the new maps, and now, they’ve informed Judge Howard they would file objections to the remedial redistricting plan.

The judge has set Nov. 28 as the deadline for the two sides to file their objections and responses.