Man performed sex act along Murray Hill street in broad daylight, witnesses say

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Two women who live in the Murray Hill neighborhood said they called the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office after they witnessed a man performing a lewd sex act in broad daylight.

Witnesses said it happened at the corner of Glenn Laura Road and Headley Street near Roosevelt Boulevard.

Resident Haleigh Mangum said it happened Monday afternoon. She said a strange man she hadn’t seen before walked up to her front yard.

“Asked me if I had a cigarette, and I said, ‘No.’ Then he asked me if I had a drink, so I have him a Coke Zero and a (Body)Armor,” Mangum recalled.

She said the man walked back and forth past her home several times, and it made her uncomfortable, so she walked into her garage, closed the door, and kept an eye on him through the garage door windows.

“He proceeded to come back this way and gave a couple of looks around,” she said. “He proceeded to pull down his pants and pleasure himself right in the middle of the road.”

Mangum said she first alerted her fiancé and roommate of what was happening outside. She also said a neighbor who was walking up appeared to have startled the man, so he pulled up his pants and started walking away down Headley Street.

She said he was about 6-feet tall with a slender build. He had black hair and a short beard. He was wearing blue jeans with a gray and black jacket. She also says the man was talking to himself.

“There are kids walking with their families. This whole street has families,” Mangum said.

“It’s worrisome. Especially on this corner,” said neighbor Amanda Sterling. “Like right now, you can see there are kids playing and riding their bikes on this corner. I see them every time.”

Last year, News4JAX did a series of news reports about a man accused of doing the same thing in Murray Hill until he was finally arrested and pleaded guilty in court. I showed the witness that man’s picture and she confirmed it’s not the same person.

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