Nassau County detectives release video in 22-year cold case investigation of missing woman

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – It’s been nearly 22 years since Jacquelyn Markham, of Callahan, reportedly disappeared after picking up a prescription from a drug store near her home in Callahan.

Now, the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office has released a video that it said was overlooked during the original investigation. Detectives are asking for help identifying a person in the video who’s wearing a black jacket, burgundy scarf and blue jeans.

The Sheriff’s Office says making contact with the man, who was said to have red hair, could help in the disappearance of Markham, who would now be 73 years old.

Photo from surveillance video (Nassau County Sheriff's Office)

Detective Charity Rose said the man in the video visited a convenience store on Lem Turner Road and a cellphone store in Callahan.

“He looked at the flyer of Jackie Markham, walked up to the clerk’s desk at the convenience store and told her that you need to search the woods behind Jackie Markham’s house,” Rose explained.

Markham was last seen on December 14, 2000, at an Eckert’s Pharmacy in Callahan. Her boyfriend, Archie Carrol, was the person to report her missing.

“Her vehicle was in the garage and her prescriptions that she had just picked up were still in the passenger seat,” explained Rose.

Now more than two decades later, the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office hopes to find Markham and give her family some type of closure.

“We do not believe that this is our suspect,” Rose said. “We just believe that this individual may have information or he may just be someone who’s just stating the obvious that that’s where we need to look.”

Several people have been interviewed over the years, but no one has been charged.

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office continues to ask anyone with information into Markham’s disappearance — or anyone who’s able to identify the man in the video to contact authorities.