Photographer captures stunning photo of Jacksonville brothers hiking in Sedona to honor their late father’s wish. Now, he wants to find them

Photographer, touring with Luke Combs, captured the photo at Cathedral Rock in Arizona

Photographer: Kurt Ozan (News4JAX)

JACKSONVLLE, Fla. – A photographer who is touring with American country music singer Luke Combs is asking for the community’s help in finding two brothers from Jacksonville after capturing a touching photo of the two while hiking in Sedona, Arizona.

Kurt Ozan said he was hiking when he ran into two men on the trail. He said the men told him that they were there because they had just lost their father. They said his final wish before passing away was to visit Sedona and the Grand Canyon, but unfortunately, he never made it.

“His sons decided to fulfill his last wish posthumously and drove all the way from Jacksonville to do so,” Ozan’s post on Instagram said.

The post — shared hundreds of times on social media — went on to say that he did not catch the names of the two men, but wanted to find them and send them this photo.

“Hopefully the internet can help put me in contact with them!” the post said.

Ozan is hopeful that the community will share the photo and story so that it will make its way to the two brothers.

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