Man shot, killed, 2 stabbed during fight near Northside house party

DUVAL COUNTY, Fla. – A Sunday morning fight on the Northside ended with a man shot and killed and two others stabbed.

The bizarre situation happened on Trout River Boulevard.

Evidence markers were scattered along the side of the road Sunday morning after the deadly shooting that happened around 4 a.m.

Sgt. Mike Russell with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said there was a fight in the street.

A man in his late 30s was shot and rushed to a hospital where he died.

Another man in his late 30s was stabbed several times and rushed to a hospital where he is expected to survive.

About 15 minutes later, Russell said a teenager walked into a hospital to be treated for stab wounds from that scene. He is expected to be okay.

Eric Elin heard lives a few houses down and heard the gunshots.

I heard the sound of maybe three or four very loud, very close gunshots, and it woke me up out of a dead sleep,” Elin said.

Meanwhile, Connie Miller, who did not want to show her face on camera, rushed to this area because her sister lives on the street.

Miller said she watched a live report of the situation and was concerned for her family’s safety.

“It was just fear. Just total fear,” she said. “I jumped in the car, and drove over here only to find that it was farther down the street, which was a relief. But I feel bad for whoever was involved.”

The scene was still active around 10 a.m. There was still a lot of police officers and detectives working the crime scene. One thing that also happened around the same time of the shooting and double stabbing was a house party going on right up the street. Investigators are working to talk with some of the people who were at that party to see if the three people involved in this situation were there. If not, they want to see if anybody at that party saw what happened they can help out with this investigation.

No one has been arrested as of noon on Sunday.

Russell said this is a complex case and there is a lot to sort through.

“We do not believe that the individual that did the shooting was the same individual that did the stabbing. But we are not sure if any of the people that we have as victims were involved in this incident,” he said.

Those familiar with the area said the incident is rare.

“This has been a very close-knit, and a very quiet area,” Miller said. “I hope that we can return to that. I am hoping that this is an isolated incident.”

“I would like to say I am surprised. I’m really not surprised just because crime seems to be getting worse and shootings seem to be getting more common,” Elin said.

Police are asking people to call JSO or Crimestoppers with any information they have that can help them solve this case.

Ortega shooting

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is also investigating a shooting on the Westside.

Police found a man shot in his stomach on Collins Road.

He was taken to a hospital and is expected to recover.

At this point there are no leads, JSO said.

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