UNF poll finds most important issue for voters is affordable housing

Housing market shifting toward affordability, Northeast Florida Realtors say

The UNF Public Opinion Research Lab is once again taking the pulse of local voters to see where they stand on major issues. This includes issues such as abortion, school vouchers and permitless carry.

Of the 1,452 registered voters surveyed statewide, 25% of them agreed the cost of housing was the biggest problem facing Florida. There appears to be bipartisan agreement on that.

The economy, jobs, and inflation came in second with 17% of voters.

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When asked how they feel about a proposed law that would allow people in Florida to carry a concealed gun without a license, 11% of the total respondents said they strongly support it; and 67% said they strongly oppose it. Breaking it down by party, 17% of registered Republicans and 3% of registered Democrats fit into the “strongly support” category, and 89% of Democrats and 45% of Republicans said they strongly oppose carrying a concealed gun without a permit.

On the topic of banning abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy, 62% of everyone polled said they strongly opposed it, and 13% said they strongly supported it.

Of those who responded saying they were strongly opposed to 6-week abortion limits, 84% were Democrats, and 40% were Republicans.

There’s also a bill that would allow for students of all ages in Florida to receive public money for private school tuition, and when voters were asked where they stand on that proposal, the results were a little closer: 29% of total respondents said they strongly supported this idea, while 25% strongly opposed it.

Breaking those numbers down by party, the numbers are still closer with 27% of Democrats and 28% of Republicans strongly supporting the bill.

Of those who strongly opposed it, 30% were Democrats and 23% were Republicans.

Other issues discussed in the survey included topics like small amounts of recreational marijuana, and whether school board elections should be partisan.

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