🔒 Insiders Only: Time to snap and share on SnapJAX

Share your 'I Voted' selfies and St. Patrick's Day celebration photos on SnapJAX. (WJXT)

It’s been quite a busy month for shutterbugs.

From the Gate River Run to The Players, there have been some great opportunities to see and share our great community event photos on SnapJAX!

The fun continues with early voting (yes, SnapJAX can be serious, sometimes LOL) and St. Patrick’s Day. Check out some of our submissions, so far:

Lakesha A Burton

We voted! A special thank you to poll workers!


Happy St.Patricks Day!


Look for the Election Day and Holidays channels to take part. For St. Patrick’s Day, select that category inside the Holidays channel.

We’ve also made some awesome improvements to SnapJAX to make your experience easier and better:

  • 🗺️ Mapquest - The new map color scheme creates a standard display for users. It replaces a blue-hued map that made it difficult to distinguish land from water. We also updated the default coordinates to represent your starting location better.
  • 📹 Video Star - SnapJAX is just limited to photos! You can also upload videos, and now they look great in your feed. Check out one of our favorite recent videos on Makayla Meddings’ profile page. Duuuuuu-val!
  • 💗 + 💬 Likes & Comments - It’s now easier and faster to like and comment on SnapJAX. Jags fans, give Makayla’s video an upvote!
  • 🍽️ Feed the Beast - All SnapJAX users now have a personal feed with unique URLs to show off their pins. Here’s my feed on News4JAX.com. You can find your feed by logging into SnapJAX and clicking on your username, or through the account menu in the header.
  • 🔗 Let’s Link Up - When you drop a Pin and select which file you want to choose, you can now link your Instagram and Facebook accounts to SnapJAX. So, if you post on another social media platform, those photos will be accessible for you to post on SnapJAX. No need to scroll through your entire camera roll (you can still post from there, too!)

Here’s a quick start guide to help you learn about all of our new features:

We will continue to improve SnapJAX so you can always share and see what everyone in and around Jacksonville is posting about.

If you ever have any suggestions or thoughts on how you’d like to see us improve SnapJAX or any of our other products, you can always email us at Insider@wjxt.com.