Local couple hopes to expand protein powder business

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Cherissa and Christopher Kell are hoping their unique protein powder business becomes a familiar name in Jacksonville.

It’s called Neotein, and it’s a protein powder that goes right in your water.

“I take it twice a day in the morning and then after I do a workout,” Christopher Kell said.

The couple started selling this product one year ago, and the product is only being sold at 1st Place Sports, but they hope to keep building up this company in Jacksonville.

Cherissa, Christopher Kell, and their two children pose by boxes of Neotein product. (the Kells)

It took the Kells two years of research and trial and error in their kitchen to create this product.

Kell told me his wife Cherissa, who’s a triathlete, needed an alternative to carrying bags of protein powder while traveling. He was also tired of how regular protein powder made him feel.

“Traditional protein powder made us feel heavy for me I had an allergic reaction to whey proteins,” he said.

Kell says his wife had to keep those things in mind and get creative while creating the product.

“That led her to getting different proteins by buying them mixing things in our kitchen,” Kell said.

After many different protein mixtures, Christopher says he brought up how he uses collagen for joint pain, and wondered if that could be added to the product.

“If we complete an amino acid profile, there’s a lot of advantages collagen has that whey protein has,” Kell said.

The Kells had the help of a biochemist to create the final product.

The ingredients of the product:

  • 10g of protein → to work with the amount of protein your body can absorb
  • Electrolytes → to keep you hydrated
  • Collagen → to support joint and bone health
  • Tryptophan → to fortify collagen with the essential amino acid it is missing to enable muscle growth and recovery

“We want to grow the business so we can provide jobs for people to help them pay the bills help them get insurance help people maximize their own lives as well,” he said.

The product is even informed sports certified which means both the manufacturing systems and product have been tested for banned substances, label claims, and heavy metals.

You can use this product even if you’re not an athlete.

The product is available to purchase on Amazon and NeoTEIN Nutrition LLC.

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