‘Maggots, flies’: Overflowing dumpsters at Dunn Ave apartment complex cause stinky problems

News4Jax reached out to Northwood Apartments. We have not heard back.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Residents at an apartment complex on Jacksonville’s northside are fed up with dumpsters overflowing with trash.

Renters at Northwood Apartments on Dunn Ave told News4JAX there have been mounds of garbage piled up for three weeks.

They said they are tired of smelling trash.

News4JAX stopped by Northwood Apartments Friday and found four dumpsters completely full. Sky4 flew overhead and gave a new perspective of how high the mounds of garbage were.

“I get mad because it makes the apartment look junky,” an anonymous resident told News4JAX.

She said when she sees the trash she can’t believe it’s her reality — and wishes it wasn’t.

“I hate to go and take trash over there because I don’t know what’s over there… Maggots, flies sometimes the cats be over there.”

News4Jax spoke with another resident who didn’t want to be identified. She said this isn’t the first-time trash has been piled this high.

“It has been a continuous thing. One time... it has really been worse than this. It’s still bad, but it was worse than this.”

Dumpsters overflowing at Dunn Ave apartment (News4JAX)

The residents said they’ve spoken to management multiple times to complain, but for the past three weeks, the trash has remained.

News4Jax reached out to Northwood Apartments to see if we could get any answers as to why the garbage has been here so long.

We called multiple times, left a message, and haven’t received a reply. We also reached out to the city to see what these residents could do about this.

The Municipal Code Compliance Division says the residents can reach out to them to file a complaint. That way the city can reach out to the complex and have them address the issue.

If they don’t comply, warnings and citations could be given.

However, the city told News4JAX there is an active nuisance case for trash at this complex and a work order has been assigned to a contractor. That means a contractor could go to the property and remove the trash on behalf of the city.

“These apartments are supposed to be looking better than this,” an anonymous resident said.

The woman told News4JAX that she is in the process of looking at other apartments.

The city also said if the trash remained until Monday, the complex will receive a $255 citation.

Overflowing dumpster (News4JAX)

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