ShotSpotter alerts JSO to gunfire in Royal Terrace neighborhood

Shooting scene off W. 40th St. (WJXT)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says the ShotSpotter system alerted the agency to a shooting on W. 40th St. at 8:30 am Saturday.

“The ShotSpotter system is a system that hears the gunshots and it actually records the sound of the gunshot. And so we can play it back and if you listen to different guns being fired, but it gives us an idea of where we’re headed to, and also the ShotSpotter alert goes straight to the police officers on the streets. And so it gets us here quicker to your response. So it’s a really good tool that the Jacksonville sheriff’s office is using to combat violent crime,” said Sgt, Dukes with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Police say three people were involved in an incident and one person was shot five times. That person was transported to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Authorities say the shooting is an isolated incident among people who live in the neighborhood.

“We’ve got some good information from some people that live in the neighborhood, but we have a lot more information to go, especially for the people that are actually involved in the incident. We still need to speak to and determine exactly who the victims are,” said Sgt. Dukes.

Police recovered two rifles and a handgun at the scene. JSO did not say if the guns were legally owned.