Share your favorite George Winterling memories

George Winterling prepared all his weather maps by hand for the first 15 years of his television career.

JACKSONVLLE, Fla. – George Winterling was more than just a local weatherman. He was a pioneer in the television broadcasting industry and the field of weather forecasting.

Our beloved George passed away Wednesday at the age of 91. He spent 47 years warning the residents of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia about dangerous weather headed our way and become a local institution. He retired from WJXT in 2009.

Other than George Winterling, the other meteorologists(Bill Henley pictured here) came and went over the next decade, but the rest of the anchor team remained stable.

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We still receive calls and messages asking about George and will be forever grateful for his calm, steady demeanor while forecasting our local weather.

We invite you to share your memories of George during his time on the air below: