Deck of cards shines light on unsolved cases in Florida in hopes to find answers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Project: Cold Case unveiled the second edition of its playing cards, designed to shed light on unsolved cases.

The decks of cards feature the names and faces of murder victims in hopes of generating new tips that can lead to arrests.

Each card represents a stolen life. Evelyn Slay. Quesean Trotter. Ariyan Johnson...are just a few names and faces featured in the new deck of cards.

Founder of Project: Cold Case Ryan Backmann said this gesture means a lot to the surviving families.

“It’s knowing that their loved one is not forgotten. It’s knowing that someone else cares. A lot of times, that’s what these families need more than anything,” Backmann said.

Families like that of Tyvon Whitford, who was shot and killed in Putnam County in 2007 or Donna Mullen, who has been missing from Jacksonville Beach since 1986 are still searching for answers.

Project Cold Case Cards (WJXT)

“One of her daughters passed away last year. 1981, you’re getting further and further away. The case is not getting any better. There’s nobody going to come forward,” Backmann said. They have a suspect, but the case is not going to get better. And if the government or state attorney is not going to take the case on, the family needs to know that someone in the community cares.”

Backmann understands this pain all too well in 2009. His father, Cliff Backmann, was robbed, shot, and killed while working on a construction site. His killer is still at large.

Backmann said while the cases featured in this deck are all based in Florida, there are plans to branch out and help more families.

“We have a lot of families we serve outside of Florida, so we’re looking at ways to expand the cards and keep doing it so long as families want it, and we want to be able to provide it,” he said.

If you’re interested in getting a deck of cards from Project: Cold Case, you can visit their office on 10 South Newnan Street or call 904-525-8080

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