Slain teen honored with airport sendoff

Facebook page give some insight into murder suspect's frame of mind

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Family, friends and co-workers of Jordan Davis met at Jacksonville International Airport on Thursday as the slain teen's body was put on a plane and flown to Atlanta ahead of his funeral Saturday.

Jordan's father, Ron Davis, worked for Delta Air Lines for most of his career before retiring, so the airline decided to show its support for him in this trying time.

It wasn't the way anyone imagined Jordan Davis would leave Jacksonville, but in the midst of this tragedy, Delta and local firefighters came together to make his farewell a little easier to bear for his family by holding a water salute and a moment of silence.

Ron Davis and other family members of the teen were aboard the plane and accompanied the 17-year-old's body to Atlanta, where he will be laid to rest.

On Wednesday night, hundreds went to Jordan Davis' wake.

"He was so cool, so nice, so wonderful. I'm just speechless," classmate Tiara Hall said. "He was a big part of our class. He was funny and popular, he really was."

Pictures and posts on Facebook tell a story of Michael Dunn (pictured right), the man accused of killing Davis, the night of the fatal shooting.

Dunn attended his son's wedding at Winterbourne on the St. Johns River in Orange Park. His son, Chris Dunn, married Cinder Turner, now Cinder Dunn.

On Michael Dunn's Facebook page, there are pictures of him with his girlfriend, Rhonda Rouer, who police said was inside the Gate store at the time of the shooting.

There are also indications on the page of Dunn's political views, what some might call anti-government. In his "favorite quotes" section of his personal profile page, one quote is from Judge Andrews Napolitano from Lies the Government Told You. It reads:

"We should abolish the federal income tax, prohibit eminent domain, impose term congressional limits, make Congress part-time, return the power to elect senators to State legislatures, abolish the Federal Reserve system, and prosecute for malfeasance any member of Congress who cannot articulate where the Constitution authorizes whatever he or she is voting for."

Dunn has also "liked" a controversial page titled "F*** the Government."

Ron Davis said he does not desire revenge against the man accused of killing his son. Right now his focus is on his family and trying to move forward with a missing piece.

Jordan Davis' family will receive family and friends on Friday night at the West Cobb Funeral Home in Marietta, Ga. He will be buried after services at noon Saturday at Trinity Chapel Church in Powder Springs, Ga.

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