Waycross residents prepare for possible snow

Winter weather causes closures across Georgia

By Scott Johnson - Reporter , Nick Jones - Producer
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Snow Flurries Jax Westside Dec 26 2010

BLACKSHEAR, Ga. - Inclement weather is causing school shutdowns and traffic hazards all over Georgia, and many residents are preparing for more brutal weather Wednesday morning.

Some people got their shopping done Tuesday night in Waycross, not knowing if it would be difficult to get to the grocery store if snow hits Ware County. 

Cynthia Moye said she'd be stunned if it snows. She hasn't seen snow in Waycross since the late '80s.

"Not since 1989," said Moye. "That was the last time it actually stuck and we could make snowmen and stuff."

Waycross City Hall will be opening late Wednesday due to the weather. Schools won't open at all in Ware County Wednesday, and many residents are left asking if it snows, will it stick?

"Maybe it'll stay, that'd be cool," said Josh Trogdan, a Waycross resident who hasn't seen snow since he was a child. 

A common concern for Trogdan and other residents has been road conditions. Street surfaces have already become slick as the temperatures continue to drop. 

"It'll probably freak people out. I don't think a lot of Blackshear or Waycross people drive in snow," said Cory Martin, another resident. "A new experience, definitely."

Martin doesn't think snow will happen. He was out shopping with his family Tuesday night and although he wasn't wearing a jacket, he did bring blankets for his little ones. 

"I don't think we'll get snow. Got hail last year for like five or 10 minutes," said Martin. "Maybe a little flurry, but it's not going to last. Maybe 20 or 30 minutes."

Transportation crews in Waycross are preparing trucks with sand if the roads freeze Tuesday night, and numerous shelters are opening up with cots and meals for people in need. 

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