Kansas artist says thank you with super-sized crop bouquet

Millions of people across the country are showing their support for nurses, doctors and first responders.

One man has created a giant-sized thank you.

Stan Herd, an artist from Kansas, wanted to give frontline workers a bouquet of flowers but not an ordinary one.

His bouquet is super-sized, taking up half an acre. The vase he created simply says thank you.

“They just get up every day and go put themselves on the line. I mean it’s heroic to me. So, there’s not a lot that I can do out here. It’s not just from me. It’s from all of my kindred spirits here,” says Herd.

Herd has been creating crop art for 40 years. He starts with a painting, then he takes precise measurements, plants what he needs, and then sculpts using a weedwhacker.

Herd is also planning to donate to a charity that helps others affected by the virus but he says he has not decided which one yet.

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