Principal travels 1,300 miles to hand-deliver diplomas to every student

13-HUNDRED miles. That's how far one Texas High School principal is driving to brighten at home graduations. In Today's Force For Good--- Mel joins us to show us how this principal is making the most out of every stop.

When the seniors at a Texas high school couldn’t walk across the stage this year because of the pandemic, their principal decided to drive to every single house to hand-deliver their diplomas.

Dr. Scott Rudes of Booker T. Washington High School in Dallas has 249 graduating seniors.

And he’s driving 1,300 miles to attend at-home graduations for every one of them.

In the past week, Rudes has spent 50 hours in the car to make these special moments happen.

It’s not all business. He’s also having fun.

“I think it’s so fun. I mean I’ve seen pictures of Dr. Rudes jumping on the trampoline with some of my friends. One of my friends did a slip and slide to get her diploma,” said one student.

Rudes said he has enjoyed every stop just as much as the graduates.

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