Jacksonville teen calls viral song ‘a life-changing moment’

Keedron Bryant, 13, sang viral song for NFL halftime, will sing new song for Jaguars' game

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A familiar Jacksonville teen headlined Thursday night’s NFL halftime show with his song “I Just Wanna Live.”

During the game between the Kansas City Chief and Houston Texans, Keedron Bryant, 13, shared the viral song, written by his mother, Johnetta, in May, following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Friday on The Morning Show, Keedron offered a sample of his new song, “You Got This” -- which he’ll record to be played during Sunday’s Jaguars game.

He also broke down what it’s like to have the responsibility of being one of the voices of a movement and still a teenager.

“My life from ‘I Just Wanna Live’ changed a lot. I have been doing a lot of interviews. I’ve been doing a lot of music and singing now, so it definitely has been a life-changing moment,” Keedron said.

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Keedron understands the impact of his voice and his words but said when it’s not business, he’s still a teenager.

“I still do regular teenager stuff,” he said. “I play on my games. I watch YouTube. I go outside, workout and I ride my bike, and I still like regular stuff.”

His mom sees his power and potential. She believes his future is as bright as his smile.

“He is a child that is valued,” Johnetta said. “He is valued in this season. He is needed in this season, and he’s definitely an asset. He’s going to inspire and encourage many people.”

Keedron’s latest song has a different message but still one of hope and faith.

“It’s a get-up type beat song. It makes you feel good inside your soul just to have faith in God and faith in yourself,” he said.

This season, the Jaguars are using the rallying cry “DuvALL TOGETHER” to unite and inspire the community.

Keedron is part of those efforts during the halftime show. He will be featured in a taped version of his new song, continuing to make his hometown proud.

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