TMS crew and Bawk Bawk Chicken Truck hold spicy wing eating competition

Bawk Bawk Chicken truck stops by the Morning Show for a eating competition.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It was a cold Friday in February when The Morning Show crew denounced all former friendships among coworkers for a spicy wing eating competition. Actually-- only one of us took it that seriously. You can watch the video and easily find out who.

The true story is several members from The Morning Show at 9 decided to hold a spicy wing eating competition after focusing on the Super Bowl all week and all of the finger foods and party platters that typically go with it.

The person who ate five extra spicy chicken wings the fastest would be crowned the winner.

Richard, Bruce, Cory from Bawk Bawk Chicken Truck, Vic, Parker, and Emily answered the call to compete and to claim the No. 1 spot in the competition.

As is seen in the broadcasted video and the Facebook Live video, Cory and Emily were ferociously eating, while Richard and Bruce leisurely enjoyed their wings. Vic and Parker gave it a good old fashioned try, but Cory ultimately pulled ahead, winning the competition.

A special thank you to Bawk Bawk Chicken Truck for providing the wings and humoring a group of morning television employees.