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Boy Scouts help properly dispose of American flags in solemn ceremony

Boy Scouts perform flag disposal ceremony
Boy Scouts perform flag disposal ceremony

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Hundreds of you brought your tattered and faded American flags to Channel 4 on Flag Day, and we gave you a new one in exchange.

A group of local Boy Scouts helped us retire and properly dispose of your flags in a solemn, meaningful ceremony.

“Burning a flag as part of its retirement is a very sacred and solemn process,” said scout leader Rob Heekin Jr.

Heekin said moments like the ones Tuesday are some of the troop’s greatest lessons.

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“We talk about what it means to be an American what it means to respect the values that this country has been built on and continues to thrive on today,” Heekin said.

Several of the flags were burned Tuesday morning with more to come.

“What we’re doing here today... it just reminds me of how, when all our nation’s flags need to be retired, they need to be retired with dignity and respect,” Boy Scout Tripp Heekin said.

For the boys themselves, experiences like this also cement lasting friendships.

“If I ever need help, then I will always have people there to help me. I will also always be able to help people,” Boy Scout Johnathan Corley said.

From here, the flag’s ashes will be buried as a final gesture of respect and service.

Boy Scout Demonstrate Proper Flag Disposal
Boy Scout Demonstrate Proper Flag Disposal

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