Sen. Rick Scott’s Iowa ad attacks former VP Joe Biden

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Sen. Rick Scott of Florida injected himself into the 2020 presidential race, airing an ad in Iowa days ahead of a crucial caucus by attacking the Democratic-led impeachment trial against President Donald Trump and accusing former Vice President Joe Biden of corruption.

The ad buy by the wealthy and politically ambitious Republican U.S. Senator was not just a volley into the current race, but also further signaled his ambitions for 2024, when he is up for re-election or free to pursue higher political ambitions.

In his 30-second ad, Scott thanks Democrats for “botching this impeachment charade.”

“The real story here is the corruption Joe Biden got away with,” Scott says in his ad.

Trump and his Republican allies accuse the former vice president of using his office to help his son Hunter in his business dealings, including for his work in Ukraine.

As a U.S. senator and former governor of Florida, Scott would have instant name recognition in his crucial battleground home state.

But Florida’s current governor, Gov. Ron DeSantis, a close Trump ally, may also have his eyes on the White House and is widely seen as a likely front-runner, should he decide a run.

Regardless of the outcome of the November presidential election, Republicans will have to line up a candidate for 2024 to succeed Trump should he be reelected, or to recapture the White House should a Democrat prevail this fall.