How much of an impact will Trump’s condition have on election?

Trump declares ‘I get it,’ then briefly leaves hospital
Trump declares ‘I get it,’ then briefly leaves hospital

The nation watches Sunday night to see if President Trump will be discharged from the hospital by Monday, as doctors at Walter Reed Medical Center are indicating his health “continued to improve”.

Moving forward, the political reality of the President’s medical condition will be analyzed since we’re less than a month from election day.

“I was trying to reflect the upbeat attitude that the team, the President, his course of illness has had," said Dr. Sean Conley, who is President Trump’s physician. “I didn’t want to give any information that might steer the course of illness in another direction, and in doing so, you know, it came off that we were trying to hide something, which wasn’t necessarily true. The fact of the matter is, is that he’s doing really well.”

Now questions will swirl in coming weeks about the Trump’s chances in the election, in light of his health.

I spoke with Dr. Mike Binder, a pollster at the University of North Florida.

Binder said if the Trump’s health remains in jeopardy long-term, it may ensure a Biden victory. But the opposite could be true if the Trump recovers quickly.

“Oh for sure, certainly,” Binder said. “I think there are two ways he can go about that. His team, even after the last debate, one of the key pieces they were harping on is the president’s a fighter. He’s fighting for you, he’s fighting against the swamp. ‘Hey the president beat COVID, we can all beat COVID.’”

Trump’s campaign is already working to portray his rallies as safe despite criticisms.

“We take it very seriously," said Jason Miller, senior adviser of the Trump campaign. "It’s why we give everyone coming to rallies or events, we give them a mask. We check their temperature. You know, I would say that with regard to Joe Biden, I think too often he’s used the mask as a prop. A mask is very important, but even if he is -- he could be 20, 30 feet away from the nearest person and still have the mask on.”

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