🔒 Insiders needed: Help create 2022 voter’s guide questionnaire

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Calling all News4JAX Insiders.

We are putting together our traditional voter’s guide for the 2022 elections, and we want you to have a voice.

We’re going to ask for responses from hundreds of candidates for dozens of federal, state and local offices that will appear on ballots from every county in our viewing area.

There are two ways to participate. You can send us an email at Insider@wjxt.com with the top three issues you feel are most important to you depending on your county and state. Your choices are:

  • Economy
  • Crime/Criminal Justice
  • Voting Rights/Election Integrity
  • Gun Rights/Gun Safety
  • Abortion Restrictions/Rights
  • Education/Parental Rights
  • Climate Change/Resiliency
  • Border Protection/Immigration

Also, include a question you’d like us to ask the candidates. Please keep it broad so that it applies to as many of the races on the ballot as possible.

You can also fill out the entry form below and pick your top issues and leave a question.

We can’t guarantee that your question will be included in the questionnaire but we’ll do our best.

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