Breaking down state, local efforts to tackle affordable housing crisis in Florida

Two different efforts are underway to tackle affordable housing issues in Florida.

A $711 million plan to make housing more affordable statewide is headed to the governor’s desk, and there is also help on the way for people in Jacksonville who are struggling to pay bills.

The Florida House and Senate approved the “Live Local Act” a few days ago, which is designed to help expand affordable housing projects in the Sunshine State.

Live Local Act

  • Provides incentives for private investment in affordable housing
  • Encourages mixed-use development in struggling commercial areas
  • Prohibits local rent controls and upends local regulations in certain circumstances
  • Provides tax exemptions for developments that set aside at least 70 units to be affordable housing
  • Accelerates permits and development orders for affordable-housing projects

In Jacksonville, the City Council is scheduled to vote on a second round of money to replenish the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. The city is getting $6.3 million from the federal government.

If this proposal is approved, $2 million would go to the city’s Social Services Division, and the rest would go to the Housing and Community Development Division.

The money would then be distributed to people who qualify for the program, but so far, the city hasn’t said when that application process will begin.

The city distributed $65 million during the original round, but that money ran out in December.

The vote on this proposal is expected to happen at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.